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Turn-Around Strategies

With our years of experience and industry knowledge coupled with our general business acumen, we have developed an advisory practice that focuses on the interim management of distressed restaurants. We will analyze your business needs from every perspective in order to develop the best potential program and deliver optimal results. As specialists in the realm of "Work-Outs", we are equipped to pinpoint difficulties and challenges and prepare the plan to overcome them.

Design Concepts
"We offer Expert Guidance for Distressed Restaurants"

We Work With:

  • Ownership Groups
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Investment Firms
  • Banks/Other Lending Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Pension Funds

We Provide:

Guidance for Distressed Restaurants (independent or franchised)
Complete Turn-around/Work-out Strategies
Analysis of all current circumstances:

  • Business Type and Structure
  • Local Market Study
  • Feasibility of Asset Value
  • Development of Strategic Plan
  • Current Management Team Capabilities
  • Financial Performance
  • Sales, Marketing, PR and Revenue Management Oversight
  • Capital Circumstances
  • Receivable/Payables
  • Oversight and Management - all types of Restaurants            
  • Operational Management or Asset Management of Business During Turn-around

The Ultimate Goals for our Clients include:

  • Dramatically improve the financial performance and operate for the future in a much more successful manner.
  • Create the best circumstances, optimize results, and ready it for sale.
  • Dissolve the business with the least potential negative financial impact.





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