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About The CZH Total Analysis - Stage 1 of 3:
CZH Initial Analysis of a Restaurant's/F&B Facility's Entire Operation: The New Master Plan
Our complete guide to operational and profit improvement includes:

  • Restaurant & Food Photographic Analysis:
    Pictures tell the whole truth. Our photographic analysis will document your restaurant's strengths and weaknesses and includes highly usefull commentary. This is an essential step in the annalytical process.

  • Competitive Pricing Analysis:
    Does your food & beverage pricing structure compete with local and national trends? Could you easily increase your check average? Or, are your guests finding better value down the street?

  • Meal Period Sales/Menu Mix Analysis:
    Make sure you menus are evenly balanced. Some items could be costing you money. Do you know the benefits of positioning?

  • Labor Cost, Staff scheduling and Incentive Programs:
    Ensure that management knows the cost of labor with taxes & benefits. There is always opportunity to trim hours and cut costs without compromising service standards. There are great ways to inspire your service staff to sell the most profitable food & beverage offerings.

  • Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations:
    Driving business to your doors requires a solid plan that brings in new guests and makes sure that your current guests do not try other restaurants. Stay in touch, stay personal, and be consistent.

  • Total Financial Statement Analysis:
    How is spending controlled? How is income tracked? At day's end, do the books balance? Could the financials be handled with greater efficientcy? Are team members losing productivity due to outdated methods and proceedures? Does the kitchen lose product due to spoilage or inexperienced cooking techniques or over ordering? CZH will find problem areas and offer concrete solutions.

  • A Master Plan to Improve Profits:
    This is what it all comes down to. A Master Plan that provides you with a step by step blueprint to polish all aspects of your operation. Guests will be coming back for more, and cash flow will improve.


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