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The CZH Total Analysis is an initial and ongoing Operational & Financial Analysis Service for Restaurants and Hotel Food & Beverage Facilities. It contains three main components:

Stage 1. CZH Initial Analysis of a Restaurant's/F&B Facility's Entire Operation: The New Master Plan
Stage 2. The Setup & Implementation of By The Numbers (BTN) Cost Control System
Stage 3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reviews of Restaurant/F&B Facility Performance

Benefits of the CZH Total Analysis:

  • Increase Menu, WIne List & Beverage Program Profitability
  • Maximize Dining Room Functionality
  • Greater Online Visibility and enhanced Guest Perception
  • Improved Marketing that can be measured for results
  • Ongoing Restaurant/Financial Analysis Services
  • More Cash Flow - Bottom line Profits!

Never wait for the financial statement again in order to determine the profitability
of a Restaurant or F&B Facility! We at CZH are experts at analyzing every facet of your
business. We provide essential "drivers" to increase revenue, and profit!

A Quick Tour: Learn about The CZH Total Analysis - Stage 1 of 3

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