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  Debi Bruggemeier

Over 25 Years of Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Design Experience

Debi Bruggemeier has focused on several disciplines and areas of management in her airline, travel and hospitality career.  For the last decade, Ms. Bruggemeier has concentrated her efforts on the hospitality/restaurant industry, primarily working in the areas of human resources, training of staff, and mentoring and leadership programs.  As well, on behalf of The CZH Hospitality Group, Ms. Bruggemeier takes the responsibility of final design oversight for the company’s myriad restaurant development projects.

Concerning human resources and staffing, Debi spearheads the company’s efforts in regard to the establishment of policies and procedures, overall employee standards and performance measurement, and the creation of operating manuals and employee handbooks. As the Director of In-flight Services for a major domestic air carrier, she was responsible for the management oversight of more than 2,000 employees.  She has been the lead Corporate Negotiator for the development of new union contracts that govern the work and performance of thousands of employees. Debi is preeminently equipped to handle any client’s human resources and staffing needs.

Ms. Bruggemeier has created several award winning uniform design packages for employees in the airline and restaurant industries.  Additionally, she serves as the Chairperson of The CZH Hospitality Group’s long range planning and business development committee.


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