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CZH Targeted Engagements are a range of specific services that fill a particular need. Restaurant Ownership and Management can look to CZH for tailored advice, guidance, program development, cosmetic enhancements, equipment suggestions, and so on. These services may not require the full scope and budget of a restaurant re-concepting, but can nevertheless, enhance an operation's efficiency, appeal, value, and revenue!

We take great care in listening to our Clients and targeting our engagements to their specific needs. All of our services are tailor made for each and every occasion. Our Targeted Engagement Services include:

  • Operational & Financial Analysis:
    We'll look at your numbers, staffing, menu, decor, marketing stategies, and other key success factors and provide you with a 15 page report complete with recommendations, actions, and potential cost to implement.

  • Identity, Graphics, Logos & Branding:
    Perhaps you're looking to give your brand a light make-over, innovate your restaurant's look, or you have a new concept that doesn't quite have its final "look & feel". We'll work with you to create, develop, and pin-point any vision.
  • Cost Control Systems & Procedures:
    Be warned: This Targeted Engagement will most likely begin with a hard-hitting look at the daily activities of all Restaurant Staff Members and Management Bookkeeping Proceedures, followed by a complete analysis of your P&L, Labor Management, and Point of Sales Systems, concluded with several recommended actions, including the use of our own Cost Controling Systems (unless of course something better is already in place).

  • FOH & BOH Training Workshops:
    Teamwork is a timeless characteristic of any profitable business or organization. CZH Training Workshops focus on building communication and organization skills, creating sharp listening habits, task-follow through, using the restaurant's system and controls to their full potential, operational awareness, and graciously dealing with unexpected challenges-- from both the customer and the co-worker!

  • Pricing Strategies:
    Pricing your menus can be a delicate balance between the "Perceived Value" by the Guest, and the "Real Profit" in the Restaurant. And getting the mix right doen't always mean that the number is what's off. Presentation of what's for sale is a very powerful motivator when it comes to spending decisions. Price to cheap, doors are closing, price to high, and doors aren't opening!

    CZH Pricing Stategies help to mazimize the Guest's Perceived Value while at the same time making sure that the business side of pricing doesn't suffer.

  • Reservation/Guest Database Systems:
    In this day in age, there is absolutely no reason not to be accumulating as much information about your Guest's dining preferences and habits as possible. Several systems are available on the market at a wide range of prices. CZH, through its partnership with BlueSkies Hospitality Management Systems, offers not only one of the most comprehensive Reservation/Guest Database Systems available anywere, it also happens to be the best price. Why? Because CZH and BlueSkies are first and foremost, Restaurauteurs. They love to save money, and save money for their colleagues!

    CZH will work with you personally to make sure you and your Restaurant's Team use all of BlueSkies data-management features to their full potential. The information you will retain about our Guests combined with a never-before-imagined abitlity to reach out to them personally, will be an invaluable part of your restaurant's success story.

  • Menu & Recipe Development:
    The Guest's appetitize for what they want to see on menus are driven by social, personal, and financial factors. Add to this a kitchen's equipment layout, a restaurant's labor constraints, and something as simple as "pie on plate" can easily turn out to be a money loser, for a variety of reasons.

    CZH Menu & Recipe Development with put together a solid analysis of your clientele's demographic, combine this information with your restaurant's service style, kitchen's capabilities, brand, and your vision, and put in place a program that appeals to the Guests, is effortless to execute, and optimizes target food costs.This means that we don't just hand over a menu and a book full of recipes. That's only step 1. Step 2 takes this information and teaches the Management Team and Service Staff how to talk about and sell the items on the menus, and at the same time, works with the Culinary Team to implement, prepare, and serve the menu.

    As an added service to our Menu & Recipe Development, CZH works very closely with some of the top culinary talent in the industry. If you're looking to add some additional innovation to your menu, we can help you add just the right amount of "spice".

  • Wine & Beverage Programs:
    If you're not maximizing the potential of your Wine & Beverage Programs, you're missing out on the single largest opportunity to generate profit for your business. Similar to Menu & Recipe Development, CZH helps write, teach, organize, and implement the right mix of Wine Varietals, Cocktail & Liquor Choices, and Pricing Strategy.

  • FF&E Selection & BID Process Comparison:
    CZH has years of experience creating, building, renovating, and enhancing restaurants. We have a wealth of resources available to us that will make sure every dollar counts when it comes to selecting the appropriate FF&E.



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