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A CZH Motivational Engagement is a highly customized, restaurant oriented session or series of sessions developed in conjunction with Ownership to deliver a unique, interactive blend of Team Building, Employee Education, Lifestyle Adaptation, and Relationship Skills.

We develop each Engagement to suit the specific needs, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses of a particular establishment. This is not a "template" style exercise in team building where everybody gets on a bus and kayaks down a river. This is a course that is organic in nature, fresh in style, and built upon real world principals of success and the very individualized characteristics of a restaurant.

First, we spend time with Owners, Management, Culinary, and Service Personnel. We get to know them and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the individual components of the team. This takes about half a day.

Next, we develop and deliver a program that includes many of the following topics as they apply to Ownership's intent:

  • Effective Management Leadership & Follow Through
  • Product Knowledge and The Art of the Upsell
  • Front and Back of House Compassion
  • Career Building
  • Standards of Excellence
  • Pride, Passion, Persistence
  • Why Restaurant's are the best stepping stone to get anywhere you want to go in life

What does it all amount to?: A Mindset of Excellence. Non only in job, but in life, in relationships, in career choices, in setbacks, disappointments, and in dreams.

One of the many great benefits of a CZH Motivational Engagement is that we bring fresh eyes into any group. We are impartial to any "sides" and we are partial to all sides.


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