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The are several reasons why a restaurant may need to a new concept. Factors such as age, a shifting demographic, market trends, previous ownership, or even a newly inspired menu, can all affect the appeal of a restaurant's persona, and what ultimately, will drive customers into the dining room.

We diligently work together with Ownership to understand the intent and vision of the potential new concept. Perhaps only a few minor cosmetic changes and one or two pieces of kitchen equipment are needed. In some cases, major construction is the only choice, while in others uniforms and a fresh menu layout will make the transition. Almost always, finding the balance of working with what currently exists to create something new and exciting is the typical goal of a reconcepting.

Once we have a solid understanding of the Ownership's ideas for the change, we further develop the concept with detailed reports and analysis in the following areas:


Starting Over- The Process

by EDG
Develop Consensus- Bring the Concept to Life!

Marketplace Overview

  • Who's there?
  • Who's successful and why?
  • Who's unsuccessful and why

Situational Analysis:

  • Your business' strengths and weaknesses.
  • You competitor's strengths and weaknesses

Demographic Analysis:

  • Market Profiles.
  • Profiles and companisons of your business and the competition.

Concept Direction Recommendations:

  • Create the concept brief.
  • Present concept mood boards
  • Prepare design boards & floorplans.

The next step is to take the new concept, and make it a reality. When CZH Reconcepts a restaurant, we take an approach very few outside enities would ever take: We design, plan, and structure a budget as if we were the ones writing the check. In other words, we take on the project as if it were our own. This doesn't mean that we go cheap-- all of our work is of the highest quailty-- this means that every decision we make has a value driven force behind it, that we strive to make sure all options have been considered and the best prices are secured.

As the new concept takes shape, CZH may continue to play an important role in other aspects of the new restaurant. These aspects may include other CZH services such as Staff Training, Asset Management, Cost Control, Ongoing Operational Analysis and Reporting, and many others.

If you are considering or in search of a new concept for your restaurant(s), please share your thoughts with us.

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