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Complete Restaurant Concept Development

Being on the precipice of launching a brand new restaurant can be one of the most exciting undertakings a Restaurant Owner or Company will ever take. It can also be one of the most daunting. Often times the only factor that is known is that there must be a restaurant. Location, menu, decor, uniforms, check average, hours of operation may have barely been given a a thought.

CZH can bring the multitude of unknown, complicated, time-consuming, and potentially expensive factors that create a restaurant's identity into a comprehensive, clear, well organized concept that provides a detailed road map to the ever-elusive "Opening Date", and well beyond.

Once CZH has developed a concept for a Client or Owner, they not only are in possesion of a complete operational "Blue Print" for the restaurant to come, but many more potential restaurants thereafter.

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If your company is planning a new venture, has a restaurant that requires a complete makeover or you want to enhance an existing concept and increase your return on investment, the CZH Hospitality Group is an outstanding, results driven resource.

Through our years of experience and industry relationships, we have brought together an unparalleled depth of talent and the ability to control client expenses by targeting our engagements to meet the specific needs of the companies that engage us.

This range of services is greatly enhanced because of the "The Partnering Relationships" that we have created with a host of groups that supply unique consultation to our clients along with CZH.

Clients praise our ability to make:
"Their visions come to life; on time and on budget."

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